Monday, May 25, 2009

Opus Gluei Challenge #10

"The Grand Poobah" says:
My challenge to you this week is to work with colors that you normally DON’T choose. Take those poor neglected colors and create a beautiful work of art. If you shy away from a color, this week, embrace that color. Show it off. Present it to us as though you have always LOVED it. Make us want to use that color in our next projects.


Here is the Best Place in all of Winnipeg, Manitoba to go to for your scrapbooking needs, Ideas and Crops... This is a good friend of mine Cathy that runs this home-based business that offers Crops in her own home as well as a Church Hall. So whether you want an environment that is more structured or one that gives you ample space and complete freedom to be creative on your own Cathy has it all.... You definately need to be a part of her 12 hour Crops ....What an experience..... friendship, encouragement and full use of her tools, idea books and access to her in-home store is what you can expect from Paper Canvas Studio... And you might even be lucky enough to be there when her Mother is there and boy are you in for a treat... Maureen is a blast... So if you are in Winnipeg and right now on the computer take your mouse and click on this link and check out her site and I will see you there... In fact if you are wanting to go email me at and let me know that you are going and on what day and I will make sure that I go on that day as well and we will all have a BLAST together!!!!! See you soon!!!

Glitz It Now!!!!

Here is a great Site to go to for fantastic hints and ideas for adding PIZZAZZ to your LO and Cards and the chance to win some cool and magnifico prizes for thier Challenges

Opus Gluei

We'll ladies here is a real neat place to check out... My friend Rosemary and her friends have put together a blogsite that you just have to check out.... The link is
No it is not a spelling mistake for glue if you want to know more about thier name and about the fantastic Challenges they have you will have to move your mouse over the link.... that's it and now click and be prepared to be amazed at the challenges and the prizes that they are offering... Go and have fun!!! I DARE YOU